the Resort

The ideal place for your vacation in Calabria

There is a five star resort in the middle of the spectacular Ionian coast of Calabria, an unexpected haven set like a jewel in this unique location, just 20m from the beach and a few kilometres from the mountains, on the edge of the Marine Reserve of Capo Rizzuto.


the Rooms

Each room is an island with his soul

Welcome! We were expecting you! Your room is ready, open the door a little and let yourself be enchanted by the unique, original, exclusive surroundings. Let your eyes take in the harmony of the decoration, refined in its attention to detail, the wood, terracotta, wrought iron. Warm, primordial materials, worked by the fine craftsmen of the Crotonese Marquisate, to make each room different, as if inspired by an unrepeatable dream!


the Restaurant

At Pietramare Natural Food it is easy to fall into temptation and be guilty of gluttony!

Set out with us on this gastronomic tour of the “local flavours” in which every detail is expertly harmonized into a perfect union that revisits with a modern twist, tastes from our maritime and country traditions.



The ideal place to be in harmony with your body

Here we are! Stop in the ideal place to be in harmony with your body, well-being, mental and physical balance and forget the stress of everyday life. Complete the moment adding relaxation to your holiday, indulge in massage therapy, relieving aches and pains, regenerate tissues and caress the soul.