Our commitment to your maximum safety

Our 5 stars Resort and our starred Restaurant “Pietramare Natural Food” are ready to welcome you to spend your holiday safe from Covid.

We reformulated and rescheduled our internal organizational procedures with the utmost accuracy, implementing the highest safety protocols to protect the health of our guests and staff, according to the guidelines shared by the World Health Organization and with the support of a Medical Scientific Committee.

Our goal is to guarantee to all our guests a peaceful and quiet holidy, in a safe environment without excessive limitations that could upset the spirit en the enjoyment of the holiday itself.

The Resort starts from a privileged situation, thanks to its widespread structure and its reduced size of 30 rooms which allows to have on one side larger spaces for our guests and on the other one greater control.
However, the access to the beach is reserved to hotel guests only
The whole staff of the Resort:

– Is trained according to WHO directives in order to be able to carry out all activities in an appropiate manner;
– Will undergo weekly check-ups and wear all PPE.

– The reception staff will consist of young people;
– Will have access to health authorities and medical centers contacts;
– Will inform guests about hotel policy in terms of established preventive measures;
– Will follow all measures and mantain the safety distances indicated by WHO to carry out all work activities;
– Will be obliged to take the temperature upon the arrival of each guest.
Room cleaning
– Before the opening, the structure will be sanitized: the supplier will provide us with the certification of the use of products and equipment compliant with the indications of the competent authorities;
– The cleaning staff will wear protective clothing;
– All rooms and lounges will be aerated before undertaking daily cleaning operations;
– The sanitation procedures will be intensified in the rooms, halls and common areas by integrating air sanitization with portable equipment.
– All restaurant and kitchen staff received adequate food hygiene training in compliance with current legislation;
– The spacing of the tables of over four meters will be guaranteed in all Restaurants (all of them with outdoor areas) and the booking obligation will be inserted to endure compliance with the numbers;
– All equipment and surfaces of the catering service will be properly cleaned and disinfected after each service;
– The food to be delivered by the Room Service will be transferred on trays or via closed container trolleys or equipped with a special lid.

Beach service
– Beach service is reserved for hotel guests only;
– The distance between an umbrella and another will be two meters in order to guarantee the safety distance in accordance with anti-Covid government regulations;
– The equipment and sunbeds will be disinfected at every person or family change;
– In any case, sanitization will be performed daily.
Swimming pool
– Access to the swimming pool will be granted to guests of the Resort only;
– Body temperature will be detected, preventing access in case of temperature above 37.5 degrees;
– The staff will regulate the flows of waiting areas and in the other ones in order to encourage the respect for social distancing;
– You will be asked to use sanitizing gel and to provide an accurate soapy shower before entering the pool;
– Equipment and sunbeds will be sanitized at every person or family change;
Maintenance and safety
– Safety devices such as maskes, gloves and sanitizing gel will be available to all guests and contact staff;
– Sanitizing gel dispensers will be available in each area of the hotel to all customers and collaborators;
– The correct operation of the laundry and dishwasher equipment will be duly checked, with attention to the operating temperatures, as well as the correct disage of chemical products for cleaning and disinfection;
– Air conditioning: the status of the filters and the maintenance of the correct rate of internal air replacement will be monitored daily.
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