It is an authentic culinary journey, as well as the enjoyment of here and now. A proximity cuisine, which follows the rhythms of nature and uses local raw materials.

take a seat and let's get acquainted!

The table is a place for sharing, an opportunity for discovery and enrichment. What matters is not just what is on the plate, but what is in the hands and in the heart of those who thought it up and prepared it. For you.

Bread, pastries, cakes, locally produced with ancient grains, rice from the rice fields of Sibari: the essence of Calabria rich in culture, history, and traditions, which we want to celebrate with a contemporary and health-conscious breath.

Recipes that tell the biodiversity of this land:

fresh fish, meats, wild herbs, vegetables from our organic garden, generous nature is waiting to give us its roadside gifts, which we just have to collect.

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The constant search for excellence is the sprint that gives us the route every day, to create unforgettable experiences for our guests.

Raffaele Vitale

Catering manager, he leads the team, selects raw materials, and defines the menus.

Executive Chef

Chef at PNF, kitchen manager of Pietrame Natural Food.

Carmine Lupia

Popular botanist and profound connoisseur of the plants and spontaneous fruits of the Catanzaro Sila mountain range.

Between the Gulf of Squillace and the Marquisate area, where fishermen and farmers, boats and plows come together… Different souls speaking the same dialect, the child of common thought, a little Kalabrese a little ancient Greek. Our cuisine is the result of this time, deliberately Kalabrese, deliberately modern, absolutely ours. Heart, passion, oil and salt.
And that’s what it is …

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from 07:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Monday closed
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