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Praia Art Resort
The Secret Destination in Calabria
Loc. Praialonga S.S. 106,
Isola di Capo Rizzuto (KR) Italy
I – 88841 | Italy

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+39 0962 1902890
+39 0962 1903350

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GPS coordinates
38° 55’ 55.10” N
16° 59’ 47.20” E
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the Restaurant

It is an authentic culinary journey that we invite you to embark on, profound and intense.

the Restaurant

Take a seat! Sit there. Yeah … right there! Taste and judge in all honesty, as you would among friends, and set out with us on this gastronomic tour of the “local flavours” in which every detail is expertly harmonized into a perfect union that revisits with a modern twist, tastes from our maritime and country traditions.

Pietramare Natural Food

At Pietramare Natural Food it is easy to fall into temptation and be guilty of gluttony! You can tell as soon as you enter, when nostrils quiver under masterfully spicy aromas coming from the kitchen.

Few tables, a refined atmosphere, well-furnished surroundings. Here, the menu offers the flavours of the season that valorize the raw ingredients, brought together with flair and imagination by a talented culinary team. The dishes satisfy the eyes and heart before delighting the palate: Parmesan stuffed anchovies, octopus ravioli in creamy potato and smoked ricotta sauce with tomato seeds, lamb cooked with liquorice, fried ice cream and carrots; to finish on the sugary notes of a mille-feuille with cream and cherries or a creamy chocolate and liquorice dessert.

It is an authentic culinary journey that we invite you to embark on, profound and intense. Guests of the Resort and those of you who are just passing though, while watching an enchanted sea that turns to gold and silver at sunset, when the first pangs of hunger begin to be felt!

the Dishes

Dishes that satisfy the eyes and heart before delighting the palate, offer all the flavours of the season, all the territory, all the skill and creativity of the chef and his staff.

The Chef


Ciro Sicignano is a young chef (class ’89) who, thanks to his passion, creativity and refined techniques, boasts a culinary maturity and an extraordinary talent.
Ciro Sicignano, born in Gragnano, a small town in the province of Naples, to follow his career finds himself having to leave his country of origin but he has never forgotten his cultural roots.
The love for local traditions, in fact, makes his style of cooking “genuine”, a culinary journey that starts from the ancient popular recipes, reinterpreted in a modern key with imagination and creativity, until reaching the perfect combination of technique, flavor and culture.
His first experiences were found to be fundamental for the development of his gastronomic philosophy, which is greatly strengthened when his cuisine lands abroad, allowing him to compare new culinary realities and trends with his.
Casa Vissani, Piazza Duomo, Villa Crespi and Quattro Passi are just some of the steps that have given the chef the chance to refine his style, promoting a high quality cuisine based on genuine and Mediterranean ingredients.

«I believe that true innovation lies in tradition, so it is important for me to know places and people. They are the people and the places that reveal the character of the territory, giving you the inspiration to help you understand local products and respect their nature.

Ciro Sicignano is now the Executive Chef at Pietramare Natural Food, the starred restaurant of the Praia Art Resort where he is further consolidating his young but well-build experience.

The Maitre Sommelier


Giancarlo Marena is from Campania and is one of the best sommeliers of Italy. He loves his job very much, has expertise and elegance in his not common ways. His spirit of self-sacrifice and his desire to grow have pushed him beyond the borders of Italy to London, to then bring back his perfections in his native land, on the splendid Amalfi Coast, giving his prestigious collaboration in starred restaurants. Today advises the right wine for each course at Pietramare Natural Food and explains why every glass of wine intensifies the taste of different ingredients. He tells what lays behind the label; the love man has for its own land, his territory of belonging and the tradition which characterizes it.

«The world of wine is a continuing discovery since every bottle has its own history to tell made of passion, sweat and tears and work, so drinking a glass means sharing the life and experience of the one who made it.

This is Giancarlo Marena, who transformed his passion into his job, improving his profession through study and knowledge. However he is never very formal in his position because he likes welcoming his guests in a cordial and friendly way to make them feel at home and at the same time let them appreciate the joys of having a meal together.