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Praia Art Resort
The Secret Destination in Calabria
Loc. Praialonga S.S. 106,
Isola di Capo Rizzuto (KR) Italy
I – 88841 | Italy

Hotel booking
+39 0962 1902890
+39 0962 1903350

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GPS coordinates
38° 55’ 55.10” N
16° 59’ 47.20” E
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the Rooms

Wood, Stone, Iron: at Praia Art Resort each room has its own personality

the Rooms

Welcome! We were expecting you! Your room is ready, open the door a little and let yourself be enchanted by the unique, original, exclusive surroundings. Let your eyes take in the harmony of the decoration, refined in its attention to detail, the wood, terracotta, wrought iron.

Warm, primordial materials, worked by the fine craftsmen of the Crotonese Marquisate, to make each room different, as if inspired by an unrepeatable dream!
Breathe in the scents of a bold and generous land, a benevolent and proud sea. Relax on your terrace or patio, enjoying the natural caressing concert notes of the waves rolling on the shore, the warm sounds of the wind and the cicadas in the pines.

Each room is an island with its own soul, its own breath, that belongs to you for as long as you want. Including Patio, Deluxe, Elite and Suite, each offering unparalleled comfort, whatever the size, whatever the view. Each offers a simple and authentic charm for you to experience and enjoy. A holiday without artifice, with the pleasure of natural luxury!

the Details

Carved wood, decorated terracotta, wrought iron and warm, primordial materials crafted by local artisans, all handmade with elegance and harmony.