The Times talks about Praia Art Resort again

Secret Italy: discover the glorious coast of Calabria

Sean Thomas, The Times journalist, goes exploring Calabria to discover its ancient culture, the sublime food and the beautiful beaches, and among its wonders the Praia Art Resort.

“The pool is surprisingly large, the staff are super-friendly, nibbles at the beach bar are perhaps the best I have experienced in a lifetime of eating extremely impressive nibbles. To use a word I just this moment made up, they are nibblissimo. The restaurant, remarkably, is even better. If it was anywhere else, and not in remote and unknown Calabria, it would surely have about 17 Michelin stars. I will let one dish speak for all: a helix of tagliolini made from fat Ionian prawns and Sila mountain truffles. It’s so good it nearly makes me blub. Instead I ask for a second helping. Then I come back the third night and have it all over again.”

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