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Praia Art Resort
The Secret Destination in Calabria
Loc. Praialonga S.S. 106,
Isola di Capo Rizzuto (KR) Italy
I – 88841 | Italy

Hotel booking
+39 0962 1902890
+39 0962 1903350

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GPS coordinates
38° 55’ 55.10” N
16° 59’ 47.20” E
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The ideal place to be in harmony with your body

The hall of the resort is small, intimate, designed to accommodate one person at a time, the atmosphere is that of the natural sounds of the sea, the rustle of trees and the songs of birds that come from the outside.

Here we are! Stop in the ideal place to be in harmony with your body, well-being, mental and physical balance and forget the stress of everyday life. Complete the moment adding relaxation to your holiday, indulge in massage therapy, relieving aches and pains, regenerate tissues and caress the soul.

The Resort spa is small, personal, designed to welcome guests one at a time, but the atmosphere is one of natural stillness and silence cheered by the gentle hiss of the surf and the rustle of the wind through the trees.

The bed invites you to relax, scents and aromas reminiscent of Polynesia intoxicate you. Expert hands begin the massage, the muscles relax, all tension melts away. An out of this world feeling, far from everything. Time vanishes and the skin is left as soft and supple as a baby.

These are the effects of massage in all its various forms: holistic stress, muscle relaxant, vodder lymph drainage, cellulite, soothing… while wrapped in the aroma of the essential oils and balms, Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm and let thoughts fly…